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Together the patient, the prosthetist, and the healthcare team collaborate so that our patients can enjoy a healthy and independent life.  

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Our clinicians employ extended appointment times to more accurately evaluate and fit prostheses.

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We strive to provide more than just a prosthesis.  Our goal is to utilize a client-centric approach to patient care by supporting  the whole patient - inside and out. 

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There is no such thing as one size fits all.  The patient plays the most important role in choosing the right prosthesis.

Prosthetics Made With You

Jameson Prosthetics gives patients the tools to live a full life after limb loss. Our team has the knowledge to fabricate and fit state of the art technology. Our partnerships with local healthcare providers give patients access to residual limb health and mental health resources. We are here to guide our patients in reaching their full potential.

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Jameson Prosthetics is a group of prosthetic specialists on a mission to support the whole patient.  As members of your healthcare team, we are invested in you becoming your best self.

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