unique person living with limb loss.


The board-certified and licensed clinicians at Jameson Prosthetics have the ability to care for

The board-certified and licensed clinicians at Jameson Prosthetics have the ability to care for each  unique person living with limb loss.

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There is no such thing as one size fits all.  We treat each patient as a unique opportunity to use all available resources to provide the best outcomes possible.   If you are a new patient, we guide and support you as we decide on the right prosthesis.  If you are an existing user, we would love to talk about what has or has not worked for you in the past. 

Jameson Prosthetics is not a large provider that is influenced to use certain manufacturers products.  We are prosthetic specialists that  embrace new technology and are excited to give our patients access to cutting-edge prostheses.   This includes computer-powered prostheses, silicone fabrication materials, alternative socket techniques, and upper-extremity knowledge

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Amputation causes emotional distress.  Not only do we recognize the importance of mental health, we actively provide resources to address emotional well-being.  

Jameson Prosthetics implements tools that allow patients to self-evaluate their mental health and act on it.  Partnerships with Charleston's MyNDSpace and Greenway Psychiatry give our patients access to quality, local psychiatric care. 

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You deserve to be heard.  Nobody enjoys scheduling an appointment only to be seen for a short period of time where an adjustment or problem is only partially resolved. 

Just as every prosthesis is patient-specific, so are our appointment times.  Whether you need a 20 minute adjustment  or an entire afternoon dedicated to a thorough diagnostic fit, we are happy to employ non-traditional appointment times in order to provide the best care possible.  

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Final fabrication of your prosthesis is complete, and you get to take your prosthesis home!

5) Definitive Fitting:

A diagnostic prosthesis is fabricated and trialed (in-office) until an acceptable fit is established.

4)  Diagnostic Fitting

We gain more detailed information, medical history, and measurements and generally take a cast of your residual limb. 

3)  Initial Evaluation

The clinician and patient get to know one another and work together to establish a plan of care.

2)  Consultation

Your limb must be completely healed before the prosthetic process begins. Research shows that a person with diabetes who has had an amputation takes between 4-6 weeks to heal.

1)  Healing

Following a free consultation  we will be able to provide you with an estimate on coverage and costs. We are able to work with most insurances.

No! Long gone are the days of “toughening-up” your limb, and a well-fitting prosthesis should not rub sores or cause pain.

Yes.  Our team will be happy to discuss this topic with you and provide resources to help.

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