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Our experience in specialized prosthetic care will allow us to utilize technology that is not commonly offered elsewhere including computer-powered prostheses, silicone fabrication materials, alternative socket techniques, and upper-extremity knowledge. 

Jameson Prosthetics encourages patient-provider collaboration.  

Jameson Prosthetics encourages patient-provider collaboration.  

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Our goal is to empower our patients by providing a client-centric approach rather than a device-centric approach to prosthetic care. 

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People living with limb loss require more than a prosthesis. We are partnered with medical professionals in Charleston, SC so our patients have resources to address their mental health as well as resources for residual limb health.

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We are on your time – our clinicians employ extended appointment times to accurately evaluate and fit prostheses.  

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During residency in Mississippi, Ben  was drawn to Rick's expert level of prosthetic knowledge as they worked in the same prosthetic and orthotic clinic.  Rick openly passed along words of wisdom and unique techniques concerning prosthetics.  He regularly encouraged Ben to think outside of the box.

Rick is a talented prosthetist and orthotist who has constantly helped  patients succeed by utilizing the newest technologies in prosthetics and orthotics. 

Rick’s experience in the field has allowed him to become an expert in the areas of upper extremity prosthetics, silicone socket interfaces, and microprocessor prostheses. He is truly passionate about providing his patients the best level of care available.

Rick Psonak, MS, ABC CPO, FAAOP

Ben is the founder of Jameson Prosthetics. He has worked in the prosthetics field for 7 years.  His interest was sparked when his sister encouraged him to shadow a talented prosthetist in Tupelo, Mississippi.  Ben grew up working on a farm in Mississippi, and he has always had a desire to serve patients.  Combining both patient care and hand skills, prosthetics was the perfect career to pursue. 

After graduating from Mississippi State University, Ben was fortunate to work as a technician building prostheses in Memphis, Tennessee.  He then attended University of Pittsburgh for his Master's in Prosthetics and Orthotics where his research project concerning the structural stability of 3D printed prostheses was a podium presentation during the 2019 International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics annual meeting in Kobe, Japan.

Ben then completed residency in Mississippi, and he pursued an opportunity in Oklahoma to learn alternative prosthetic socket techniques.  He, his wife, and 2 dogs now live happily on James Island.

Ben Jameson, MSPO, CP

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